Simple Ways to Write SEO Friendly Content

There is a very thin line between a content being useful and it being a spam. The use of Keywords and the number of places it is used decides if a website is SEO friendly or SEO hostile. Almost all the search engines do recommend the content which is more SEO friendly and all the related search queries are diverted to it.

So, how to make a content SEO friendly by following some simple steps?

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Here are three simple ways with which an article can be made SEO friendly: -

· Write Original: - It is very important for an article to be original and not copied from any other source. Search engines have become very advanced today and there is no tolerance for plagiarism. So, every content piece is checked for its originality and the website is ranked accordingly. A unique and useful content is given a better place for any search query.

· Keyword Placement: - Keywords are the most common words or phrases which are being typed on the search bars of a search engine. There are some of the commonly used key words for each query. A search engine looks for the similar words in the content of the website and takes out a result on priority where the keywords are most rightly placed. So, it is very important to place the Keywords at right places in order for the content being found easily. On the other hand it should be ensured that the keywords are not randomly used which would lead to a keyword stuffing and that, ultimately, will decrease the rankings of a website in the search engines.

· Use of Multimedia: - Nowadays multimedia is an important form of content and if audios and videos are rightly placed, it implies that there is a lot for the users to take advantage from. So, it is treated as a good thing by the search engines. The website is thus given a boost in the search rankings.

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